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We’ve got it.  You can count on us to cut through the gloss of trendy yoga moments and deliver the Real Deal for Your Real Life.

All Ages.  All Bodies. All Cultures.

All In.


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Our classes are open and welcoming–yet focused and powerful. The lineup includes beginning level to advanced classes as well as restorative and pre-natal.  Flow?  Yep.  Powerful alignment-based classes?  Sure thing.  

In every class, we set the foundation to improve physical vitality, balance the emotions and help quiet your brainwaves.

Groovy–and grounded.


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As someone who has practiced at OM Studio over a period of seven years, I can’s one of the most student centered, empathetic, and engaging studios I have ever been to. The spirit of this wonderful island pervades every moment in the studio … there is simply no other place on earth where I have felt my spirit and my body so at home. It is the bar by which I measure every other place I practice.
–  Peter Gilmore, Bend, OR
Thank you so much for offering this 30-day adventure in meditation. Often, the midst of chaos, it is difficult to even realize how tightly wound we can become, both physically and mentally. …The part that I did not expect, but love the most, is the singing and chanting. It’s like warm chocolate sauce for the soul. So yummy! With love and admiration.
–  Jennifer Lanclos, Kamuela, HI
I am so glad I found OM Yoga. I am 69 years old, and it had been 25 years since I practiced yoga. My flexibility and health have improved greatly. I go to gentle/beginning classes. With the alignment-based yoga practiced at the studio, I have not had any concerns about injuries or muscle strains. Yet, I always feel challenged to make as much progress as I can, too. Finally, I really appreciate the spiritual, traditional aspects of the yoga offered.
   Blair M., Kamuela, HI