who we are

Karuna, director

Karuna teaches realization of human potential and productivity. Her classes provide a three-pronged approach for balance in Be-ing: skillful movement, centering for mental clarity and mantra singing for emotional harmony.  Her teaching strengths are conveyance of ideal physical alignments that support the physical and subtle energetic bodies and co-creation of a field where transformation organically unfolds. She was fully certified in Anusara Yoga, is co-founder of Hawaii Divine School of Yoga and is particularly inspired through the teachings of Ram Dass and Sri Vasudeva, who gave her the name Karuna, which means greatest compassion.


Haluna Nelson

Originally from Kyoto, Japan by way of Tokyo, Haluna combines her love of dance (ballet, contemporary and hula) with her love of yoga. In addition to her yoga service, which includes leading classes in Japanese, Haluna spends time helping visitors swim with dolphins and other sea animals, from which she draws inspiration for her classes. When Haluna found yoga, she says it was like finding the missing piece that completed herself, and she loves practicing the "omoiyari" (helpful spirit) with others. As the only certified yoga instructor on the island teaching in Japanese, Haluna is also available for private instruction in her native language.


Janet Lam

Like many working people, Janet developed an early morning routine to fit her yoga practice into a long work day and active family life. What began as a scheduling necessity has turned into a passion for the magnificent predawn hours which she looks forward to sharing with her students. Janet has been studying yoga and meditation for over 20 years and has been a registered yoga teacher since 2012.  Her Friday morning Yoga Basics class includes a warm-up routine to wake up sleepy bodies and familiar yoga poses that students generally learn in their first year of yoga classes.

travis jones

Originally from various crossroads of the Western U.S., Travis has now called Hawaii home for 12 years.  Intensive study of yoga practice began organically over the last decade, culminating with a decision to integrate and propagate the practice through the teaching journey in 2013. He brings a warm smile to  the studio with a thoughtful Vinyasa style asana practice that will move your body and breath together in an effort to integrate deeper clarity and strength with lightness and receptivity.  

Ashley Flemino

Ashley's love for community shines through in her restorative and prenatal yoga classes, where she encourages an atmosphere of support with slow and gentle movement. She also nurtures a class stillness that is designed to invoke embodied intelligence. In addition to being a certified and experienced yoga teacher, Ashley is a doula in training, a gentle childbirth enthusiast and Mom to a bright one-year-old. Ashley facilitates exploration, restoration, the possibilities of making space, breathing through, letting go and finding the stillness and joy that exists in each of our unique selves.

Bobby Hoyt

When told at the age of 30, he would never use his hands the same way, it was a dark day for Bobby Hoyt. The day he walked into Olga’s yoga class at the YMCA a few months later, everything got a little brighter, and it has only gotten brighter since. Bobby’s teaching is first and foremost based on the breath. When you listen to your breath, he emphasises that your body is exactly where it is meant to be in present time, full of gifts to offer. and it helps quiet the monkey in the head. Incorporating both dynamic movement (yang) and static (yin) asanas with the breath, Bobby creates sequencing based on moving the major joints of the body in their multiple directions, paying particular attention to who is practicing in the room. Music, random humor and passion for the practice resonates from start to finish. Come move with your breath and quiet the inner monkey mind. And they were correct, Bobby doesn’t use his hands in the same way...he uses his hands better and more mindfully than ever before...

sUsan Collins

Susan has been studying yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Her spiritual home is Ananda Ashram of Monroe, NY. Susan's enjoys sharing the practice of yoga with others on and off the mat. She has been a licensed yoga instructor since 2003 and has studied in India, Greece, Canada, Costa Rica, and the United States. Susan's inspiration to share the practice of yoga comes from a need to maintain balance through mind, body and spirit in a modern world.  Her classes include tools for a deeper relaxation and awareness within the body through a mindful practice.





Molly Chlebana

Empowered by the self-healing nature of yoga, Molly teaches classes from the inside out, rooted in alignment and centered in the heart. She loves the process of humbly peeling back layers to deeper awareness for a lighter, freer way of being. This inspires Molly to move deeply and sincerely in the body and mind with self-compassion and acceptance. The continuity of personal practice has enriched her life and expanded her perception so greatly, and she is honored to now share her experience with others. Molly bows in gratitude to all of her teachers, especially Behnje Masson, Karuna Wiese, Sri Vasudeva, Ram Dass, and her very own breath.