private instruction

Schedule Some Me Time or Gather Your Group

Clients share that their "sessions are life changing." 

Individual sessions provide focused guidance to align and heal from injuries or gain a better understanding of yoga practices, while group private sessions are perfect for celebrations as well as conference workshops. 

The greatest health concern to our society is mental health, with antidepressants the top prescribed medication.  Exercise is helpful–but it must be the proper type of movement:  Yoga is especially effective as it provides access to weakened or dusty parts of the body and being that have been stagnant.  An alignment-based yoga practice can bring us out of pain, thereby improving quality of thought and quality of life.

In addition, meditation shifts brain waves and patterns to bring the physical and subtle energetic bodies into a more restful and healing space.

Whatever your motivation for scheduling a private session, our highly trained instructors are available to support you with your goals.

We offer sessions in the studio, at private residences and at the resorts.


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